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We are a leading provider of ideas for options trading to help our members generate exceptional returns and build wealth. Our option trade ideas are based on in-depth research conducted by our professionals. And if you're new to options, we'll help you learn. Sign up now to gain full access right away.

Build Wealth Over Time With Options

Our ideas for options trading come in two varieties: 1) Collect Premium Trades and 2) Gain Big Trades. In the first type, we sell-to-open options positions to collect a premium, benefitting from favorable probabilities and time decay. And in the second type, we buy-to-open options positions and target a relatively higher return. A well-balanced mix of these two trade types enables an options trader to grow their wealth over time!

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Time and Probability Are on Your Side

With our Collect Premium Trades, you can profit even if the stock moves against you or does nothing, as long as the strike price is not breached at expiration. Therefore, to set favorable odds we choose to sell options at a strike that is far away from the current stock price. For instance, many of our trade ideas have an 85% probability of profit. As time passes, we want our options to lose value so we can buy them back cheaper for a profit.

Why to sell options

How to start options trading

Learn basic options strategies

Even though our free ideas are just a subset of all the high-quality ideas generated by our research team, it’s our way of giving you a glimpse of what to expect with your membership. Start building wealth with options, at no cost! Who else gives away their premium options trade ideas for free?

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Ideas for Options Trading, Delivered

The key to successful trading lies in finding the right stocks/ETFs, choosing the right strategies, knowing when to enter and knowing when to exit. That’s why our unparalleled research and experience will help you find success as an options trader.

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You’ll get alerts when there are opportunities to enter new options positions and when it’s time to adjust or exit existing positions.

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Recent trade ideas that we send out can also be reviewed in your online account. Great for analyzing everything in one place.

View Our Pro Portfolio

You will also gain access to view our pro portfolio, which shows you the live positions that our pros have on. A great way to learn from the experts.

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If you’re new to options, our service can be even more helpful. You’ll get access to help from our pros as well as to our options coaching.

Our Members Are Loving It

Jacob S. (Atlanta, USA)
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Based on your alerts and guidance, I sold a strangle in SPY today and collected $643 in premium. With a probability of profit of 71% and time decay working in my favor, I love this neutral position!
Maria B. (Ontario, Canada)
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I went with your idea of selling a put in AAPL. I collected a nice premium of $272 and have an 81% probability of profit. I wouldn't even mind being an owner at that low a price if I'm assigned!
Vijay P. (Livingston, USA)
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I was bearish on tech stocks so I had bought a put vertical spread in QQQ as you had suggested. I'm now up more than 90% on this position! Thanks for the idea and help with the setup!
Dave S. (London, UK)
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Your strategies have enabled me to earn a regular income from options premium. With option selling, I love how I can set the odds in my favor! Your constant support helped me learn the ropes!

Gain an Edge With Our Options Trade Ideas

Whether you’re new to options or you’re a seasoned trader, you’ll find our ideas for options trading to be useful for entering, adjusting and exiting positions.

Get Trade Ideas

We screen through thousands of stocks and ETFs to find good candidates. And we also suggest as to which strategy to use for each one.

Get the Timing Right

Good timing can make all the difference. Not only is it crucial to get in at the right time, but also to adjust a position or to get out when it’s time.

Get Hedging Ideas

A hedged portfolio is a balanced portfolio. We send out hedging alerts that help you make money even if the market does something unexpected.

Professional Insights

Why pay an investment advisor ($$$) when you can get our tips for a fraction of the cost, do your own due diligence and set up your positions independently?

Learn by Doing

Many of our members start out new but as they set up more and more positions along they way, they are able to improve their skills and in turn, their returns.

Start Out Better

When you start out with options and you’re still ironing out the kinks, it helps to have fewer losing trades. Our alerts and insights are especially useful during this time.

Technology-Powered Ideas for Options Trading

Of course there is still no substitute for human intuition and experience. But our pros have the additional benefit of harnessing our cutting-edge technology to identify the right options positions to be in at the right time. This gives us a clear edge and enables us to have profitable positions in any market condition.

Results Backed By Strategy and Mechanics

Here’s a quick glance of some performance stats in our pro portfolio from the last 12 months. 

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It Works in Any Market Condition

Any time is a good time to trade options. Since it is possible to set up bullish, bearish, or neutral positions, it works in an up, down, or sideways market. And depending on current market conditions, we can choose strategies that have proven to be successful. Use our ideas for options trading to unleash the huge potential of options and build wealth!

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