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Enabling Success with Options

Our mission is to help our members build wealth with options. Decades of hands-on experience has shown us that a disciplined and mechanical approach can generate exceptional returns in a proactively managed portfolio. 

Although it’s impossible to guarantee any particular level of results, the trade principles and mechanics that we employ are highly effective and have been time-tested by our expert team. Our professionals are equipped with cutting-edge technology to give them a clear edge in identifying the right trades to place at the right time. Additionally, through the use of our state-of-the-art message routing systems, we ensure that our members get our alerts within seconds.

OptionDirection.com is owned and operated by OptionDirection LLC, which is based in North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. All of our options pros have decades of experience trading options for wealth creation. 

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Mitul Majmudar, Founder of OptionDirection
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